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The Docker Handbook

The Docker Handbook Cover

Originally published on freeCodeCamp and later rewritten as open-source on GitBook, The Docker Handbook can be an excellent starting point for your DevOps journey.

The book is divided into several sections each dealing with topics like Container Manipulation, Image Creation, Network Management and Multi-container Services.

The book receives regular update from me as well as various contributors around the world.

The Kubernetes Handbook

The Kubernetes Handbook Cover

Release shortly after The Docker Handbook, The Kubernetes Handbook can be treated as a continuation of the former.

Divided into several sections, the book aims to simplify concepts such as Pods, Services, Multi-container Project Orchestration and Ingress Controllers.

The readers will work through three projects of increasing difficulty each introducing new concepts in a steady pace. The book has been praised by the readers as well as organizations.

Once you get the hang of #Kubernetes, it'll become a well-loved platform in your book!

If you're unsure where to start, check out @frhnhsin's handbook PACKED with resources, tips, and insight to help you build a strong foundation: https://t.co/1rICoJlOD5.

ā€” Microsoft Imagine Cup (@MSFTImagine) November 9, 2020

The NGINX Handbook

The NGINX Handbook

NGINX is the kind of software that everyone uses but very few understands. The NGINX Handbook tries to simplify a lot of the concepts around NGINX configuration with easy to follow practical projects.

The book has been written for those who are new to server administration as well as for those who have been working with servers for a while but have a lot of confusions. The book has already received quite a lot of praises from its readers as well as the publisher.

I'd be amazed if a single Fortune 500 company didn't use NGINX. It's literally everywhere.

And Dhaka-based DevOps engineer @frhnhsin just published a FREE full-length book on how to use this ubiquitous server tool.

You're the man, Farhan. šŸ™ 2 hour read: https://t.co/GIsaFx0JET

ā€” Quincy Larson (@ossia) April 27, 2021